A Productivity System for People Who Have a Hard Time Sticking with Productivity Systems.


Most People Improvise Their Work Day. That’s a Big Mistake.

Improvising your day means going with the flow. Taking each work day as it comes. It goes something like this:

 You wake up in the morning with a vague sense of the many things you need to accomplish.

Before you get started though, you check your email. Five urgent requests from the boss and clients, so you take the time–longer than you thought--to respond.

When you’re done, you get back to your own to-do list and ask “What should I work on now?” After a long back and forth in your mind, with the uneasy uncertainty of not knowing whether you’re making the right choice, pick one. 

You get busy. But shortly after you’re interrupted by a meeting. And then another supposedly urgent request. And then a small unexpected fire that needs fighting.

If there’s any time left after that, you head back to your to-do list. If not, you pack it up for the day, and vow to get more of your own work done tomorrow.

Does this scenario sound familiar to you? If so, pay attention. It’s important you understand the serious problems you attract every time you improvise your day.

Improvising our day makes us unfocused and overwhelmed 

Every professional is saddled with an extraordinary number of tasks that need to be done on any given day. And when we lack a clear sense of which tasks are most important, all of those tasks rattle around in our heads vying for our attention, weighing us down, stressing us out, overwhelming us.

Improvising our day makes us reactive and easily distracted

 When you lack a clear sense of what’s essential – the few tasks that really need to get done each day, everything feels critical. This includes the requests and interruptions, no matter how trivial, created by others. Without a compass to guide you, every distraction threatens to derail your day. 

Improvising our day leaves us feeling chronically guilty that we’re not doing enough.

Because you never identified precisely which tasks you wanted to complete, you never end the day feeling like you quite did everything you hoped. Consequently, you end each day with an acute sense of guilt, a nagging feeling that you let down yourself and the people around you.


What if you had a Daily Blueprint to Navigate Each Work Day? 

Instead of improvising your day, what if you took a few minutes the night before to prepare a blueprint? A quick plan that outlined:

  • The three most important tasks for the day are

  • What time you’ll specifically you’ll work on those tasks

  • A plan for dealing with the inevitable distractions, obstacles, and interruptions that will inevitably threaten to derail you.

Having a daily blueprint in hand would earn you powerful advantages:

Having a daily blueprint keeps you calm, centered, and hyper-focused

When you know precisely the major tasks that need to get done, all the other minor tasks fade into the background, alleviating your sense of overwhelm. Moreover, you become less vulnerable to distractions. Your daily blueprint acts as an anchor that makes it hard for others to pull you in unproductive directions.

Having a daily blueprint makes you exceptionally productive.

Most people have no idea how slow they work when they multitask. Luckily, armed with a daily blueprint, you’ll finally start monotasking – focusing like a laser on one task at a time. You’ll be stunned at how quickly you get through each one. You’ll do more in two hours than most people do all day.

Having a daily blueprint makes you feel proud of the daily progress you’re making.  

A daily blueprint won’t ensure you get everything done. That’s impossible. But you will start getting the most important things done. And because of that you’ll end each day not guilty, but instead proud that you actually did what you set out to do.


Introducing the Daily Blueprint System 

Daily Blueprint is a productivity system that ensures you begin each workday with a clear map of what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how you’ll deal with the inevitable distractions and obstacles that threaten to derail you.


The Daily Blueprint System Takes Just 5 Minutes Each Day

Daily Blueprint was tailored to give you maximum productivity while requiring minimum effort. Everyday, you’ll be guided through just a few simple questions:

  • WHAT are the 1-3 most important tasks you want to accomplish tomorrow?

  • WHEN specifically will you work on them?

  • HOW will you handle the distractions or obstacles that are likely to come up


The Daily Blueprint System is Based on Cutting Edge Science

The Daily Blueprint is deceptively simple. Don’t be fooled, it’s a highly sophisticated system, based on solid principles from neuroscience and behavioral economics that have been validated by dozens of peer-reviewed studies.

Every question has been designed with these principles in mind, with the purpose of bypassing your limbic system (the impulsive, emotional part of your brain) and instead tap into your the prefrontal cortex (the rational part of your brain). 


Most Importantly: Daily Blueprint is the Only Productivity System You’re Guaranteed to Stick with. 

What good is a productivity system if you can’t stick with it? Fortunately, Daily Blueprint is the only productivity system that uses behavioral science to make sure you’re using the system consistently.

How does it do that exactly?

Most productivity systems have no idea if and when you’re using them. And so you’re able to skip using them every day without any repercussions.

Daily Blueprint is different. Each day, the Daily Blueprint app monitors whether you’ve done your daily blueprinting on time. If you haven’t, it dishes out consequences so that you don’t skip again.

It’s the tough love you’ve always needed.


Here’s How Daily Blueprint Works:


Step 1: Every Saturday You’ll Tell The App What Time You’ll Perform Your Daily Blueprinting Throughout the Week

By 6pm EST, you’ll log in to the Daily Blueprint app and indicate what times that week you’ve decided to do your 5-minute daily blueprinting.

Step 2: The App will Email You 30 Minutes Before Each Daily Blueprinting Session.

A friendly reminder in case you’ve forgotten that your daily blueprinting session is coming up.

Step 3: Login to the app on time and prepare your daily blueprint.

Once you completed your five-minute blueprinting session, we’ll immediately email you your Daily Blueprint for the following day.

Step 4: If you’re late, or skip your daily blueprinting session, Daily Blueprint will dish out a small penalty to prevent you from doing it again.

As punishment, you’ll have 6 hours to complete a tedious online activity called The Sentence -- the online equivalent of writing sentences over and over on a chalkboard.

If you don’t complete that tedious task on time, the app will automatically deduct $5 from your account, which you will have previously authorized it to do, and send it to charity. 

Step 5: At the end of each week, you’ll receive a progress report showing how productive you’ve been.

Proof positive that the Daily Blueprint system is making you more productive.


The Results You Can Expect After Just 4 Weeks


You’ll, for once, have a productivity system that you’re actually using consistently

After just a few short weeks most people are astounded at how effective, the Daily Blueprint punitive system is at keeping them consistent. Even on their busiest days, they do their daily blueprinting on time in order to avoid getting penalized. The result is unwavering consistency.  

You’ll get more done in less time

With their daily blueprint in hand each day, clients find themselves achieving a new level of productivity they never thought they were capable of. Projects that used to take them weeks, take them days. Tasks that used to take them days, take hours. The only question is what will you do with all that extra time?  

You’ll experience less stress and overwhelm.

After a few weeks, members begin to feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. With a clear understanding of what’s important, they give themselves permission to stop sweating the small stuff. As a result, they feel like their workload has shrunk considerably, and consequently, their stress.

The ability to enjoy time off guilt-free

Daily Blueprint doesn’t just help you identify when you’re working, but also forces you to recognize when you’re not. This time blocking makes you more productive during work, but just as important, makes you more at peace when you’re at home. You’ll finally be able to enjoy your time off guilt-free. 


The First Month of Daily Blueprint Costs Just $1

Daily Blueprint costs just $1 for the first month (four weeks to be exact) and $19.95 for every month after that.

Results guaranteed. In fact, if at the end of the first four weeks you don’t feel less reactive, less overwhelmed, more productive and focused, we’ll refund your full fee back. No questions asked.


Are you Ready to Try Daily Blueprint?

Daily Blueprint is invite-only, and right now, we’re opening our doors to only a limited number of members.

We’re looking for a few serious people who are tired of improvising their day, and see the enormous power possible when you spend just five minutes each day preparing a daily blueprint.

Maybe you’re one of those people.

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