What if your opening keynote could dramatically increase the impact of every speaker who followed?

Bestselling author Al Pittampalli will help your attendees get the most out of your event by delivering an opening address on the power of persuadability – the genuine willingness to change our minds in business and life. The result will be a radically open-minded audience — ready and willing to be blown away. 

What do all great speakers have in common? They offer provocative ideas that fundamentally change the way we think about the world. But did you know that even the most enthusiastic audience has filters and biases—most unconscious—that prevent them from fully hearing a speaker’s most game-changing ideas? Every speaker who has ever tried to push their audience outside their comfort zone has felt this resistance. 

Al Pittampalli delivers compelling customized keynote addresses whose primary goal is to diffuse audience resistance. His speeches are based on his new book, The Persuadables (HarperBusiness 2015), which argues that not only is being persuadable the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do, a powerful advantage in business and in life. Not only do audiences leave his speech eager to practice persuadability in their own organizations and lives after the event is over, but they embrace Al’s challenge to start immediately, during the event itself. They commit to being radically open-minded to every other speaker at the conference. It’s a phenomenal way to ensure attendees get the most out of your event. 

Who is Al Pittampalli?

Al Pittampalli is the author of Read This Before Our Next Meeting, now out in over 100K copies, it was the most popular kindle book in the world during the week of its release. It's been translated into five different languages. He’s spoken at organizations like NASA, Columbia University, The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Starbucks, Hewlett Packard, Boeing and more. 

What can you expect?

When you e-mail us inquiring about speaking, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with more details. Next, we’ll hold a phone consultation prior to your event so that Al knows your specific needs. Al will then customize a presentation based on your specific goals.

What others are saying:

Al Pittampalli’s Keynote at our 49th International Conference on Fundraising was a forceful message with great impact. We’d have Al back in a heartbeat.

Andrew Watt, CEO Association of Fundraising Professionals

It became clearly obvious the reasons why our members gave your presentation rave reviews. Your ability to engage the audience created a warm give-and-take environment that allowed creative juices to flow freely and our members to take home tangible ideas that they can use to improve their businesses. It showed in the survey responses that we received and the many positive comments that have followed since the conference ended.

Thomas B. Cohn, Executive Vice President Decorative Hardware and Plumbing Association

Al’s session was really good. He caused us to think about our culture and rethink the purpose of our meetings.

Larry Sweet, CIO NASA Johnson Space Center


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